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Welcome to the Odyssey Transmission site, where you will find a lot of useful information for dealing with your Honda Odyssey transmission problems. You probably found this site after experiencing problems with your Odyssey transmission. Maybe it started slipping between 2nd and 3rd gear, which is the most common thing that people first notice. Perhaps your check engine light came on after a slip occurred, or maybe the TCS light came on while on a road trip, which is another indicator of transmission problems. Whatever the case may be you have a battle ahead, which may cost you on average around $3000.

A brief history of the Odyssey transmission failure, it started with the 1999 model. In December of 2006 a class action settlement was approved, which would give Odyssey owners of 1999-2001 model years an extended warranty on the transmission until 109,000 miles or 7 years and 9 months. Since the time period is now expired the extended warranty is no longer available even if you were included in the class. For newer Odyssey models, a recall was announced to revise the oil cooler return line to increase lubrication to the second gear. This recall was supposed to fix the Odyssey transmission issue that previously occurred in the 1999-2001 models.
But as you probably already know this recall did not solve the problem. Read through the cases on this site and the other forums, you will find transmission issues from 1999 to 2010. Supposedly in 2007 they started using a stronger transmission, like the one used in a Ridgeline. You can review some of the forums that are linked on the left of this page, and find thousands of people with failed Odyssey transmissions even with newer models. Several people are on their second transmission replacement, and some are even on their third replacement.

Once you have noticed a problem with your Odyssey transmission, typically you should take it to a dealership to have them diagnose the problem. Once they have confirmed that you do indeed need a new transmission, you are at the mercy of the dealership. If you are a one owner, and have done all your service at that dealership, they will typically go to bat for you when calling Honda. At this point they will come back with an offer from Honda to cover from 0% to 100% of the total bill. In some cases they will come back with covering 100% of the replacement cost. However, if you are not the original owner, and did not service your vehicle at the dealership there is no telling what they will offer. Honda claims to handle each case differently, and typically a regional Honda manger will review your case first an make an offer to the dealership. Original owners usually get more help, than second owners.

Once you receive your estimate and any offer of financial assistance from Honda, you have the option of opening a case with Honda America (Phone Number: 1-800-999-1009). Someone will take down your information, and then they will have a case manager call you. The case manger will review your information and make a final decision. 25% seems to be the average rate for second owners, which brings your cost to around $3000. However each case is handled differently, some people get more and others get no help. When you try to persuade them for more help or argue your case, the case managers quickly become extremely rude and will talk you in circles. You may notice they sound like broken records (or robots), and will continue to repeat scripted information. They will tell you there is no known issue with the Odyssey transmission other than the recall. They will also try to tell you that everything you read on the internet in the forums is not true.

At this point you don't have a lot of options, either take the deal or go to a non-dealership transmission shop. Some people are offered a 3yr/36K mile warranty, so in that case you may want to take the deal with Honda. However, not everyone is offered the warranty. You might be better offer having it rebuilt with a local transmission shop. People on this site have also posted positive information on Jasper Transmissions (see link on the left).

In conclusion, Honda obviously has acknowledged there is still a problem with the Odyssey transmission, or they would not be offering financial assistance to anyone. Why they offer different amounts to different owners, or why some people are offered a warranty on the replacement transmission and others are not is still a mystery. The problem is the same no matter who you are, where you live, or where you bought and serviced your Odyssey. Since Honda has chosen to handle this on a case-by-case basis, we would like everyone to share his or her "case".

If you have gone through this process, we would like for you to share your story. Click the "Share Your Case" link. This will create a new post, and allow us to track totals. If you are leaving a comment for someone, then click "Leave Comment" at the bottom of any post.

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