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warwicked - Honda Odyssey 2003 Posted: 06/04/2009

2003 Honda Oddysey, 98K miles, all service done @ dealership, went to dealership on Monday June 1, 2009 with slipping transmission and TCS light on. They reported to me that it was a code p0740, bad transmission and that we need a rebuilt transmission and a new control unit to the tune of $4450. The Honda USA local rep has offered to "help us out" with paying %15 of the bill. Needless to say we are not to happy with Honda's offer considering that they are very aware of all the transmssion issues with this type of vehicle.

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mano1962 Posted: 07/11/2009

I ahve a 2003 Honda Odyssey which has transmission problem. The converter does not work. It stops at lights. I am really disappointed.

mano1962 Posted: 07/11/2009

I ahve a 2003 Honda Odyssey which has transmission problem. The converter does not work. It stops at lights. I am really disappointed.

mike zoll Posted: 10/02/2010

Our 2003 had the exact same problem! TCS and engine light came on at 96k. Dealer advised the code you stated and quoted a $4900 replacement cost. Regional service manager refused to cover costs; I have a case opened now with HOnda and am waiting to hear back. I'll never again buy a Honda (and I've been a lifetime customer).

pitterpattersmom Posted: 11/01/2010

Last week, my 2003 Odyssey felt different.  I had noticed periodic clunking sounds, but the dealership had assured me that at 88,000 (still under extended warranty) the engine mounts were replaced and the problem no longer existed.  As this was an intermittent clunking sound, I was told that to drive it for a while and see.  Now at 102,000 miles my transmission has failed -- same as the others "TCS light and check engine light" -- codes P0700, P0740.  Honestly, I was stunned.  I had purchased an "ODYSSEY" for a LONG journey -- not only 102,000 miles. Our extended warranty ended at 100,000 miles.  We were quoted over $4,000 to replace it.  When I asked the service tech, if there was any indication of a problem at 88,000 miles, he told me that, according to his records, the transmission fluid had been BLACK at 88,000 miles (still under warranty)  NOTHING was said to me then.  When I asked if this could explain some of the clunking I have been experience, he said, "Yes".  I opened up a ticket with Honda America last Wednesday (today is Monday, November 1st).  The dealership called and told me that they wanted their loaner car back and I told them that I had no control over the fact that Honda hasn't called me back yet.  He (Bob) said that he would call Honda and then call me back ... that was over 6 hours ago.  I will post when I know more.  If anyone has anything to add, please do so.  Thank you!!  Katherine


LB Posted: 11/06/2010

I also have a 2003 Odessey and have recently been experiencing transmission problems.   Dealer recommended I have the engine mounts replaced, since they were cracked but that has not corrected the transmission problems.  Now that the car is back in their show (1 week later) they have quoted a $4,700 charge for a new transmission.   No help, no apologies.

I plan on opening a case with Honda on Monday but am not too optimistic given others feed back.

Is there any suggestions in negotiating with Honda?


pitterpattersmom Posted: 11/09/2010

With alot of forceful arguing I have managed to be offered $2500 toward the replacement of my transmission from Honda America.  We purchased this vehicle from my brother in April 2004 with only 20,000 miles on it.  Apparently, the "magic fix" oil jet safety kit recall notice went out in June 2004.  Although Honda had our information (due to the VSC - vehicle service contract -- extended warranty), we never got the notice.  My brother was in the process of moving during that time and is unable to verify whether or not he got a notice.  He assures me that if he had, he would have given it to me. The oil jet was installed in May 2005 with 35,000 miles on it -- only after the car was towed to the dealership b/c it was inoperable.  Supposedly, each Honda dealership was instructed to take 5 pictures of the transmission prior to installing the oil jet kit to determine if a new transmission was in order. I got this information directly from a Honda Service Bulletin.  My suggestion to anyone dealing with Honda America is this:  When you are not called back by a supervisor after you repeatedly request one, call back, give your information to the customer service rep, and then ask specifically who the CEO of Honda America is.  His name is Tetsuo Iwamora.  Ask them to spell it for you and then explain that you are so frustrated because no one at Honda bothers to call you back.  Thank them profusely and then wait.  Like a miracle within 10 minutes, my case manager's supervisor called me back. He told me that "Honda wanted to HELP me".  I explained that I was unsure whether or not he could at this point and I was considering "other avenues" at this point to rectify the situation.  He assured me that he could and assigned a different case worker to my case.  He told me that I would get a financial offer for help by the end of the day.  Within 3 hours, the new case worker called me back.  It was disgustly obvious that the call was recorded and that the supervisor was listening in.  I hit the record button on my phone and then the case worker announced, "For quality purposes, this call may be monitored or recorded".   I listened to what she had to say.  She was obviously the "good cop".  As a courtesy, she offered to call "Larry at the dealership" to go ahead and order the new transmission for me, so I "could get my car back sooner".  When I told her that I appreciated the offer and that I wanted to "hold off at this time", she became very flustered.  I explained that I hold the dealership partially responsible for omitting the "black transmission fluid" information from me until my transmission failed 14,000 miles later.  I took it in because the car was clunking/thudding during acceleration.  They have it in their notes (which I now have a copy of).  They replaced the motor mounts and claimed the problem fixed.  It was not.  I called at least twice after that to complain the car was still "clunking"intermittedly.  They suggested that I drive it for "awhile" because if it wasn't doing it all the time, they couldn't really fix it.  Had they the dealership not omitted the crucial piece of information (ie the black transmission fluid), I would have taken the car there several times to check the transmission before the warranty expired.  Now, I am 2000 miles outside the warranty.  In my opinion, the dealership omitted a crucial piece of information that led to the  "forseeable consequence"  (transmisson failure).  They knew there was a problem.  The dealership notes on my car read like a "how to detect a transmission failure" book.  At this point it is almost comical.  It is my assertion that Honda and the dealership were negligent in their duty of care and that their failure to act led to the "forseeable consequence" of my transmission failure.  I should note that we have done all the maintenance required on this vehicle.  I have ALL the records to prove it too.  Although it has been a major inconvenience  to be a one car family, I am adamant that they knew and failed to act.  I have called various dealerships in the area to compare prices on replacing a transmission -- these vary by as much as $1,000.  I may end up taking Honda's offer and gettin it fixed at the other dealership.  Whoever fixes my transmission will also get my 105,000 mile timing belt service business.  If you want to email me directly, it is  I hope this information helps someone else.  PS  I should also point out that regardless of the financial outcome of this situation, I fully intend on writing a LONG, detailed letter to Mr. Tetsuo Iwamora. 

Tmac2003 Posted: 01/06/2011

Thanks for all the good info here!  I've been driving my certified pre-owned '03 Odyssey for 5 years with virtually no problems.  Just reached 108,000 miles and all of a sudden experiencing the exact same issues as others.  TCS light comes on, slow shift, etc.  Codes 0730 & 0740.  Honda quoted me 6200.00 for everything!  I was shocked.  It seemed electronic to me but they said it was internal in the trans and that it had to be rebuilt. I have recently purchased an '07 Odyssey as well.  Bottom line, with other work needed we agreed at $1700.00.  I'm now wondering what else I can do.  Why isn't there a recall and more help available for everyone?  I plan on writting and pursuing this further.  We bought both of these vehicles for longevity.  This is not what we expected at all.

Hondamom Posted: 05/14/2011

I also have a 2003 Odyssey. Purchased it used with 52000 on it, thinking, for a Honda, that's brand new! I too was expecting it to last till about 200K. However, I was driving across state, got to my families, and the trans went out when I got off the road.  Was slipping all day, would not go into gear, and my trans fluid when I checked it smelled burnt.

I took it immediatley to a trusted family mechanic, who told me about the problems with this year, and trans, and sure enough, I got the code 0740 when he hooked it up. Today, I have called 3 different dealerships, all of them offering different levels of help, and different answers. I am so frustrated and bummed out. My parents have owned multiple Honda's and never experienced this. I will post more once they into the trans.

k.ingleton Posted: 10/25/2013

To all odessay owners: If you are having problems with your trasmission, get it fixed and sell it. Save the money that you are going to have to spend on a second or third trasmission, like I have. Do to the poor design under the hood, you have to pull the engine in order to replace the filter for the transmission (which is full of metal files). So unless you want to do this the only other thing you can do is replace the transmission fluid every year to help get rid of the filings and make your transmission last a little longer. This is advice given to me from the owner of a transmission business, who is very familiar with this problem and has put the THIRD transmission in my van now.

Are there any Canadians with advice on how to deal with Honda as we have to deal differently then USA. Have there been any lawsuits here in Canada.

If you are a victim of the faulty Honda Odyssey Transmission, please Share Your Case so that people can read your story and add comments.
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