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Ronnie - Honda Odyssey 2002 Posted: 04/26/2009

We have a 2002 Odyssey.  At around 80,000 miles my wife told me she would be driving the minivan and it would slip out of gear (around 2nd or 3rd) and she would have to coast to the side of the road and let off the gas waiting for it to re-engage.  Sometimes this happened on busy streets in traffic with 3 little children in the car.  This happened 3 or 4 times to her, so we it took it into the dealership.  They informed us that it needed a new transmission and the cost would be around $4000.  They said sometimes Honda will pay for it, and that they would contact Honda.
They contacted Honda and I was offered 25%.  I had to pay $3000.  I then start reading about all the other people that are having problems, and so I opened a case with Honda.  My Honda case manger Ron informs me that there is no known problem with the 2002 other than the recall, which had been applied to my minivan.  He could not tell me where the recall work had been done though.  They just said that it has been done and we cannot offer you any more that 25% because I was a 2nd owner.  I told him I have read about this happening to lots of people with a 2002, and that they covered more than 25%.  He assured me that there was no problem with the 2002, and that he can't make a decision based on what I read on the internet.
After several frustrating calls with my case manger, I didn't have much choice and my wife needed the car I paid the $3000.  A month or so later we were on the highway and the D (Drive) green light was blinking off and on.  Then we take it on a family vacation, and the new transmission starts slipping on the highway.  After I return from vacation I take it back to the dealership and they inform me that the pressure switch went bad, and that would be covered under warranty.  The solenoid was also bad and I had to pay for that (another $250).  I re-opened my case with Honda.  The case manager then contacts the dealership to see if there is anything they can do on the $250 solenoid replacement.  He then calls me back and says that there is nothing they can do for that, and they will not reimburse me for the $3000 (I tried again).  He then told me the service rep at the dealership told him that my vehicle had sludge in the oil and fluids.  I immediately hung up from him and called the dealership.  The service rep said she did NOT say that, she told him that the solenoid failure can be caused by sludge.  She didn’t say that MY minivan had sludge.  I knew it didn't because I always change the fluids on schedule (but not at the dealership).  So the case mangers are very dishonest at Honda.

All of this took place about 9 months ago.  My wife just told me a few days ago the transmission down shifted making a strange noise.  So we may be in for another round.  They did give me a 3 year/36K warranty on the transmission.  As soon as that warranty is up, I am selling it.  No more Honda’s for me…

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julie Posted: 05/19/2009

Hi I have the same issue too. I owned a 2002 Odyssey and I'm at 78,000. Honda agrees to pay 50% of the cost. 

I know how frustating that is. I am the only owner for this car and had service all the require miles

djtanko Posted: 12/31/2009

My 2002 Odyssey did the same thing at 105,000 miles and I'm the original owner. I had ALL servicing done at Honda dealerships. I'm pissed off, broke, and stuck with a car I no longer believe will safely get my family from A to B. I've had it. I got the same BS treatment from Honda as you did and I informed my service rep of the class-action lawsuit on the 1999-2001 models. My next car, so help me will NOT be a Honda!


Anyone want to start another class action lawsuit?

Ronnie Posted: 01/04/2010

I think we need to start one.  I called the attorney in New York that was supposed to start one, they said some of the other attorney's with another firm backed out.  And they were not going to proceed alone.  So we need to find a new attorney.  There is already 100 postings on this site since April.  No telling how many people have had their's replaced...

minivan Posted: 02/13/2010

I too have a 2002 Odyssey with the same transmission issues. Not only do I have the van I've owned a civic, and 2 preludes. I worked for a honda dealership for 4 yrs and have always stood by the product. I replaced my 1st transmission at 76,077 miles and now at 127k they're telling me I need a new transmission. I have the best technicians at my former place of employment who always take care of my hondas. I am very upset and questioning my loyalty to a product that has repeatedly failed me.

Bam Posted: 02/13/2010

OHsp;  $%#@    I just purchased a used 2002 odyssey from a used car lot 2/10/10 I WISH I had googled the 2002 honda odyssey on the net first, well my van has 68,000 miles only-  I found out on hondas website that mine had the oil jet kit (AKA THE TEMPORARY BANDAID!!) installed back in 2004 for the recall but its hardly been driven since 04 so now whatever happens I guess im on my own. So far it's running great! dam im afraid to drive it now - now that iv'e read the horror storries honda is going to loose alot of future customers over this I think I will just sell it take a loss pay off the balance and get something else but not another honda of course I dont even care if it's rated high in consumer reports FORGET IT!!  they put so many people through so much anguish!! %^$#@%#@ they dont deserve loyal customers!! or mabey they are some kind of freakish hybird race that does not understand how loyalty works!!   im screwed..   ; )    good luck .........

Ronnie Posted: 03/10/2010

Today I went in to have the struts checked, and sure enough they were bad.  I noticed they were leaking.  The two front motor mounts were broke as well.  Another hefty bill...

BeStill Posted: 03/10/2010

My turn.  I purchased my in-laws 2002 Odyssey in 2006.  It was serviced for the transmission in 2004 and now at 113,000 miles the transmission is going.  It's in the shop and based on what I read I have some decisions to make as this will be costly.  Will most likely not buy another Honda if they don't take care of it.

Rexedmonds Posted: 03/11/2010

As I type my 2002 is in the shop. No job No money No car= No more Honda's. This one was my 6th one and will be my last if Honda does nothing. It has 111000 miles on it.

bentang Posted: 03/12/2010

I have a 2000 odyssey (first owner with 89000 miles) and it is leaking transmission fluid. I took it to a Honda dealer this morning and it is still in the shop. I got a call said it needs replacement of the transmission for $3300+. They are going to charge me $130 for the diagonoses. This was why I  started to search the Internet. I am shock to find so many similar cases.

Anyone, any suggestions? Please help.

Odyssey03 Posted: 03/16/2010

Our transmission problems started 4 weeks ago. At first it was the occasional "thumping" between the 2nd and 3rd gear (I think). Then one day on acceleration the transmission did not engage at all. We pulled over, waited and it engaged. The thumping between gears is getting worse. It is an '04 with about 70k on it.

aczNY Posted: 03/17/2010

i'm writing this right now while my van is in the shop. i've read so many comments and was surprised to find out a lot of people are having same problems like the one i have. anyway, took my car to the honda dealership yesterday, left it there and of course i have to pay the dianosis fee of $98. i told them about the jerking of the gears between 2nd & 3rd. when i came home, i called the Honda America 800-999-1009 and spoke to Kia - very nice lady. she gave me ref# and told me to call them back once i hear something again from the dealership. so today, i called the dealership and told me we have 2 problems, transmission and motor mounts. i called Honda America again and tried to update them. they told me to wait for the Case Manager to call me back. i again called the dealership and gave them the Honda America # with my ref#. few hours later, i called them back and they said that they are just waiting for the Factory Rep to call them back - i guess to let them know if they will cover the damage. i'm still waiting for someone to call me. once i get an answer i will definitely go back to this site and update this...

Ronnie Posted: 03/17/2010

Let us know what happens.  Good luck!

You can comment here, also put your info in a new case by clicking "Share Your Case" that way the counts will be reflected.  Hopefully one of these days we will get a new class action lawsuit for 2002's and newer.  What year is yours?

Bestill Posted: 03/17/2010

Honda dealer told me it was a devise which was related to the transmission, which they replaced as well as transmission fluid.  I was hopeful but next day the tranny slipped twice.  Brought it back and based on conversation, dealer now says it has to be replaced.  He is calling the company to see what they will do.  I let him know that I want the money back for the recent fix :) and he said he would take care of me.  We will see.  It's only slipping once in a while but can't trust it as can go any time.  I have given my wife my car and am taking the chance going to work for now.

Bestill Posted: 03/22/2010

Offer was for $2600 to replace tranny and another $400+ for mount.  Since the work done before did not work, was offered discount on the $400.  I called back and basically received agreement to refund most of the $326 for the work already done.  Any suggestions on whether I should have tranny done?  The one they put in is a rebuild of the same junk they had in it.  Guess that answers my own question, time to buy a new car.  Shame on Honda.  I expected this to last at least 10 years or 150,000 miles.

Ronnie Posted: 03/31/2010

I guess it could be worse...  We could have one of these Toyota Recalls - Gas Pedal Sticking vehicles.

Oh wait, I have one of those too...  ;-)

belquar Posted: 04/05/2010

Yep....add another one.  2002 Odyssey.  Driving to work Saturday warning.  First time ever slipping and slipped and there I was on the side of the road.  I can still drive it.  Had it towed to the shop.  They said I need a new trans.  $44XX and change for a Jasper trans.  Out the door.  Oh....probably need to change the ECM too.  Whatever.  Are you kidding me?  I am more than pissed.  This is on the heels of a car purchase to replace our old Chrysler that had finally worn itself out.  Now our "reliable" honda which we needed to last another 4-5 years is a piece of SH!T.  C'mon.  I have to fix the thing.  Took money against the car a year ago and owe.  I haven't even called Honda.  Not after reading all this.  I am the second owner.  Bought the car from Carmax a few  years ago.  Checking with the local Aamco to see what they cost.  This definitely sucks.

ser Posted: 04/06/2010

I have a 2003 Honday Odyssey with 135,000 miles that I purchased from the original owner (with all receipts) in 2006.  I began having trouble with slipping gears (2nd and 3rd) a few weeks ago, and jerky shifting when going into reverse, drive, etc.  I've had to release the accelerator and reapply it to engage the gears several times a day.  (About 6 months ago, the Drive indicator light was flashing on the dashboard...but my repair shop could not find any problem.  They did warn me, though, that the flashing light COULD be linked to transmission issues!)  It sounds like I should cut my losses and trade in the van rather than risk replacing the transmission...Any suggestions?

Ronnie Posted: 04/07/2010

Definately sounds like the transmission is going out.  You will probably spend around $3K to fix it, unless you can talk Honda out of more money.  They will give you a 3 yr / 36K warranty, so that is somethine to consider.  We got our fixed, and I am going to trade it in as soon as the warranty is expired.

george Posted: 04/08/2010

My 2000 Odyssey started having problems with shifting gears, lurching going from 1st to 2nd geer,at about 30,000 miles (I am the original owner).  At first, dealer charged me to fix sticky gas pedal, then charged me to fix carbon build up, then evaporative thing. Then finally at 130,000 miles they said it was transmission after all, and sine it is past 100,000 mile warranty, they wanted $5,000 to fix the ORIGINAL problem.  Few weeks later van stops shifting gears completely. Stuck in 2nd.  I was charged $5000 to have a new transmission put in.  No help from Honda.  A year later same thing. Going slow, the car would lurch as if I was rear-ended, when changing gears from 1st to 2nd.  Dealear start replacting all kinds of crap again (like engine mounts, shock absorbers, catalytic converter), $1000s of dollars later, boom.  The van will not shift gears when cold, and has a high pitch whine.  Van is not drivable. Dealer wants another $5000 to put a third transmission in; because it is out of 36,000 mile waranty on the second one!!!  I said, but I reported the same problem at 10,000 miles. They say, so what? We are now at 38,000.  Is it me? Or is it dealer? Or is dealer acting under "guidance" from corporate?  Oddly enough, the service manager suggested that this van is crap, and I should not put any more money into it, that they have much better (used) cars on the lot. Yeah right. Like I would ever buy Honda again.

BeStill Posted: 04/17/2010

Bought a used Toyota this week.  While cleaning up the Odyssey today someone driving by made an offer for it and I accepted just to get rid of it quick and easy.  Called Honda and let them know how I feel and that I will not buy another Honda.  If you have not done so, call Honda and let them know you won't buy another and that "your spreading the news". 

BeStill Posted: 04/17/2010

By the way, I never did fix the tranny and took a big loss on the sale.

Ronnie Posted: 05/20/2010

Some one posted this on another thread:

There is a law firm that you can register your complaint for a possible new class action lawsuit. Email:

I haven't contacted them yet, I plan on doing it today or tomorrow.  I think we all need to spread the word.  Let's get a new lawsuite going!

aryan Posted: 05/20/2010

i too have 2002 honda van. transmission went out at 113000 miles called honda tthey offered to pay 15% but my share would be 2500. instead of recall they extended the warranty to 109000 miles most fall apart after 110000 miles.

hondagirl Posted: 05/21/2010

I have always loved Honda, but not so sure anymore.  My 2004 Odyssey now has a blinking "D" indicator light.  It started last fall and then stopped and now started up again.  It is paid for, but I do not know whether to trade now or chance with another transmission.  It is only worth about $8,000 but I really do not want another vehicle note.  Advise please?

Jberry0258 Posted: 06/27/2010

My 2002 Honda Odissey has the D blinking light and i just bought it, what are my options because i just spent $3400 for services?

armjim Posted: 07/04/2010

Try replacing the solenoid.  For example, if you are slipping between 1st and 2nd, change that one out. They run about 40.00 online and do 3 transmission changes, a total of 12 quarts at about 6 bucks a quart Amazon. com with no taxes and free shipping.

1st and 2nd is located under the van at the top right hand side. You will find a number on the casing next to the correct one. Simply unscrew it with a wrench and detach the electrical connector. Or you can look at a schematic on the same webpage easier locating.

Please use only Honda ATF Z1 because of the design and sensitivity of the gear plates which is what happened to my 03 model and will also cause your Check Engine, TCS and D light to blink. Do not use any other type of fluid, this is very important. Drive van around a few miles between changes.

Finally, after changing out the solenoid be sure and disconnect positive side of battery for 15 minutes so that computer can erase the trouble code from memory.


Ray O Posted: 07/08/2010

I have a 2002 Odyssey with 80k miles and noticed the trans slipping from Park to Drive . I brought it to the dealer and I was told that I needed a new trans.  I called Honda HQ and  was assigned to Ron Robbins (case mgr) who rejected my cry for help.

Then I started checking the forums in particular I registered as a member and started searching for transmission problems.  There are a lot of postings regarding this issue and currently following a thread where they are suggesting doing a 3x drain and fill, changing the transmission filter, installing a trans cooler, installing external filter (magnefine) and cleaning the solenoid filters.

I will attempt the 3x drain and fill this weekend first then follow their other suggestions and hope that will fix my slipping problems.

Ronnie Posted: 07/08/2010


If you talk to Ron again tell him I said Hi, and ask him how he likes this site. :-) He now has two posts with his name on it.  He is quite a guy huh?

Good luck!

ksmurty Posted: 07/18/2010

Yesterday my 2001 Odyssey (95K miles) got into similar issue. After traveling for 175 miles (50 miles uphill at the end), Check Engine light was On and Green Drive Light started flashing. Engine does not accelerate when starting from idle and even after wards does not accelerate beoynd certain speed. But once accelerates van can rive around 65MPH w/o any issues unless I need to go Uphill.

At problem spot, I took the van to Pontiac show room and the guy said it is a transmission issue, and need replacement. I saw this website/discussions and talking about the Tranmission issues with 2001 Odyssey. I will be going to Honda service center tomorrow, and will udpate my case later. But I am worried that I need to spend all money from my pocket since I bought an used car. Did used car owners succeded in getting discount from Honda company if we need to change transmission?

naomirps Posted: 07/22/2010

I am the original owner of a 2002 Honda Odyssey with 80,000 miles on it. My car has been impeccably maintained, & most of the maintenance was done by the dealer. On Friday some warning lights came on. I took it to the dealer. The service rep told me that the transmission needs to be replaced due to an internal defect. He told me that the transmission should not need to be replaced on a Honda with only 80,000 miles on it. American Honda offered to pay 50% of the repair bill.

It doesn't make sense to me. If Honda had no liability, why would they offer me anything? Their offer to pay 50% seems like an admission that they have liability, & if they have liability, they need to pay 100% of the repair bill.

I have a call in to American Honda to see if they can do better....We'll see what happens....


In the meantime..., does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit for this problem? A quick internet search shows that it's a big problem with this car.

Ronnie Posted: 07/25/2010

I am the original poster on this thread, and the founder of this website.  My parents just took the kids to Sea World in our 2002 minivan, and i just got a call that the transmission just slipped on the highway.  TCS and check engine light are on.  Hoping they make it home.

I just pulled my receipts, we still have about 10 months left on the 36 month warranty and we are within the 36K miles.  So I shouldn't have to pay a dime.  Taking it in tomorrow morning, will let you know the outcome.  I hope they don't pull the crap and tell me nothing is wrong with it, and make me wait till the warranty is up to fix it.


ksmurty Posted: 07/25/2010

My 2001 Honda Doyssy transmission was dead last week, and Honda said they cant give any discount on repair since since my car exceeded the 7Yr 9 mos extended warranty they offered, even though I have only 95Kmiles (well with in 106K miles they extended warranty for).


I just checked for "naomirps" they agreed to offer 50% discount on 07/22/2010, can you pease clarify who is your service rep in Honda? Any specific extension to contact your service rep?


Honda is very addement to me and said they cant offer any discount to me, I am trying to see if I can get any discount from Honda for my situation. Please offer me any suggestions.


Honda show room in San Jose told me that it costs 4,600$ for Tranny for 1Yr/12K warranty, and 200$ more for 3Yrs/36K miles.

But spending more than $5K for $7K Van does not make sense for me, any suggestions?


Ronnie Posted: 07/29/2010

Well the dealership said the code for VTEC solenoid failure code came up, so they checked the solenoid and the wire was loose.  They said that has nothing to do with the transmission, and can't explain why it slipped.  I

What do you think? BS?  Does the dealership not want to say it is the transmission since it is under warranty?  I thought that might be it, but it would come out of Honda's pocket, not the dealership...

So I am here waiting for the next slip.  My guess is the transmission will fail again once it is out of warranty...

rummy Posted: 08/07/2010

My 02 Ody. just started having trans. issues.About 80,000 miles .Green "D" light does not come on and the only forward gear it will go into is "D".I fear for the future.Any advise on how to get Honda Canada to fix it for me.At there expense that is.

jaym Posted: 08/14/2010

I have a 2002 Honda Odysee with 89000 miles and I get "Check Engine Light On". I have taken the car to 2 service stations. One said that I need a new transmission and the other said he will replace new solenoids and do a transmission flush.

I noticed that this is a common problem and some posters have evn got Honda to cover for some of the costs  if not all of it, even though they did not purchase extended warranty.

I was told by both to not drive the car until the issue is resolved.

I am in the Chicago area and purchased mine through Honda of Lisle.

I am debating between getting it fixed or go to the dealer and check out what he is willing to do.

I also saw that there is a class action lawsuit against Honda regarding this issue.

What would be your advice ?

Thanks in advance,

Diane C. Posted: 09/27/2010

We have a 2001 Odyssey. Just reached 95000 miles. Has been in very good condition, service regularly privately (not at dealer). Transmission just went; we brought it to the dealer;he said $4800 - obviously this is not acceptable. They also said that Honda North America is no longer reimbursing towards the repair, and perhaps there is another lawsuit pending. So, does anybody know about a current lawsuit? And, should we pursue getting this paid for by Honda at this point?

jay Posted: 09/27/2010

Honda paid $1000 and I paid the rest. Hope this is helpful


James Posted: 11/20/2010

I am the original owner of a 1999 Odyssey with only 62,000 miles.  Had all of the servicing done on it.  Now six months after having spent $1,700 on new motor mounts, sliding door roller, front brake job, and rear brake cylinders; my transmission is showing early signs of failure.  And I was told by the dealer that as of May 2010, the dealer stop providing any type of goodwill for transmission problems on the 99-04 Odyssey's.

Sure wished this problem surfaced before I spent the $1,700 cause they want $4,300 for a factor rebuilt tranny.  Right now I'm nursing my tranny and trying to figure out what to do.  The only benefit of going with the dealer is the 3yr/36k warranty.

We are a low milage family, but we do take trips to the mountains during the summer.  I'm going to have to do something before next summer since I definitely don't want to get my family stranded on the side of the road especially in the mountains.

Please let me know if there is any kind of class action lawsuit to join.

j Posted: 12/11/2010

I also have an 02 Odyssey with a bad transmission.  My car has 114,000 on it.  Last Friday I took it to the dealership because the car hesitated a few times.  I was told that no errors came up on the computer and that it was too early to tell if there was a problem.  I took it to a transmission specialist 4 days later and was told I had 2 small leaks and that my transmission fluid was low 2 1/2 quarts.(There were no signs of a leak on my driveway.) He didn't charge me a dime.  He advised me to trade in the car before the tranny went.  2 days later the check engine light and TCS lights went on and I reluctantly  took it to the dealership.  I wasn't sure that the car would make it anywhere else since it was also stuck out of gear.  I am waiting for the dealership to get back to me.  They told me their computer is not working and that I have to wait until Monday for a tech to come fix it before they can look at my car.  I guess they don't know how to fix cars the old fashion way.  Like everyone else, I bought the Honda because of its reputation.  I  no longer have  faith in them as a company.

I want in on the class action lawsuit if there is a new one.

erenjaneth Posted: 12/23/2010

I have the same problem with my 2002, and it started at around 35,000 miles. We were able to get fixed through extended warranty, but in Aug. 2010 it happened again at 71,000, and we are still waiting to get it fixed :(

stratsol Posted: 01/26/2011

I'm continuing the family stream of lousy luck w/ the Honda Odyssey.  My brother put 4 trannies into his 2001 (he didn't pay for any of them because the first time it went it was under warranty), and our 2002 tranny died a few days ago.  Dealer wants $5,000+ to put in a rebuilt, so opened a discussion w/ Honda.  Waiting for the case worker to call after he/she contacts the dealer.  This Odyssey was dealer-maintained for all major items, including the tranny oil cooler recall early 2004.  I'm royally P.O.ed because it happened very suddenly and the van only has 68,000 miles on it--no warning.  The good thing is, our state has a serious lemon law, a consumer advocate division, and a couple of local TV stations that LOVE to go after stuff like this.  If there's enough interest in filing a class action law suit, we're in!!

connor Posted: 01/27/2011

What state are you in?  I thought about contacting the media as well.  (My original comment was made in early Dec 2010.)  Instead of paying the dealership $4,800 to fix it, I took it to a transmission specialist.  He charged me $2,400 and gave me a 2 yr/ 24,000 mile warranty.  He told me Honda's have bad transmissions and he works on them all of the time.  In the case of the Odyseey, the transmission is too small for the size of the car.

 Honda has managed to hide this problem very well.  When my dealership called to tell me my transmission needed to be replaced, they told me they had already called a rep for the company to see what could be done.  I almost laughed.  From everything I had read on this blog, I knew what the answer would be.... we can't help you.  It also told me that Honda must have told all their dealerships to follow the same protocol.  Make the customers feel like you are going to help them. 

 Someone needs to put Honda in their place. 


FKLOSS Posted: 01/28/2011


We have a 2002  Odyssey with 73,000 miles . 2nd owner purchased from a family member who had all

maintenance done by dealership. Tcs light came on D light flashed,and check engine light came on,code 708

is transmission related. Van started slipping between 1 and 2 nd gear. and usually does it coming out of turns. It happens occasionally and it sure looks like the same issue as everyone else is experiencing.

Right now monitoring problem and will proceed with fixes but will unload van very soon.

j Posted: 01/28/2011

Get rid of it ASAP!  I didn't get rid of mine fast enough so I was forced to fix it.  A transmission specialist advised me to get rid of it before the tranny went, but I only had 2 days from the time it was diagnosed until the time when all of the warning lighhts came on.  Your trade in value will drop several thousand dollars if you wait too long.

If you decide to fix it, do not let a honda dealership do the work!

FKLOSS Posted: 01/28/2011

After reading all the posts on the Odyssey Transmissions pertaining to  2002's.and prior models.

I see that they all have a failure rate that starts around 60-100k. The clutch packs must be the weak link

along with inferior trans cooling. Since I do my own work on all my 9 cars that I own. I almost feel like taking mine apart and see why Honda decided to skip out on the transmission problem. They obviously decided that customers would not all experience the same issues.It is more cost effective for them to mask the problem and deal with customers on an individual basis. It is very dissapointing to see a quality company get in over the heads and not do more RD on the drivetrain.A car that ways over 4500 pounds without passengers and use a weak transmission is unacceptable. My E-150 Ford van is looking better every day, I'm glad I kept it and have owned since 1999 and never had a problem with it. I'm going to replace the solenoid for the 1-2 nd shift and than change fluids,I might add a cheap trans cooler and if that does not do the trick it is history! Thanks for the heads up J !!

trishtye Posted: 02/04/2011

I own a 2004 Odyssey and just yesterday had an issue.  The check engine light came on and I was on the interstate when the van would not shift from 2nd to 3rd.  I was stuck on the side of the interstate with my child, very unsafe.  I immediately went to my local dealership and was told I need a new transmission and that the total cost would be $4000.  This was after sitting for an hour and a half and paying the $90 diagnosis fee.  IF you think about all of the money that they have earned on just the diagnosis alone for all these vehicles it is nauseating.  I am really angry at this point to read about all of these other families that are having the same exact issue, and the dealership of course did not offer up any of the recall information.  I bought this car just 3 years ago and bought it because "honda's last forever" and I was tired of dumping money into my older car.  I had to drive home from the dealership last night in rush hour traffic along the shoulder so I could get my vehicle home to sit in my driveway until this is resolved.  I will try my best to fight but it looks as if it will be a difficult one.  I am just happy we have another vehicle I can drive until this is resolved, and for those of you who don't have that option I am so sorry, because that is even more difficult.  I and I am sure all other people are tired of fighting for what is right and seems to be common sense.  At the very least my dealer should have pushed an extended warranty and notified me of the recall on my model.  Good luck to all!

stratsol Posted: 02/05/2011

I have to say, once in a while it pays to play HARDBALL with a company like Honda.  When I spoke with the Honda America case manager, he said there was nothing he could do since our van is out of warranty.  I told him that he had better escalate his refusal a couple of levels up the food chain, because I wasn't going to take NO for an answer.  I told him that I've never heard of a transmission crapping out at 68,000 miles and that it was ridiculous for Honda to try and make me pay.  I also told the guy that I had done a ton of research on failed Honda trannies, and that I would take my findings to the state consumer protection office if they didn't pay for at least HALF--and preferrably more--of the repair. 

It took Honda 4 days to call me back with an offer of $2,600.00 toward the replacement of the transmission.  I told them I wanted to thiink about it, and that's where we are.  My husband thought I was mean to the guy; I told him I had no other way to get my message across.

By the way--if you bring your broken transmission issue to Honda, make sure you tell them that you've done a bunch of research on the failure rate.  Go to EDMUNDS.COM--they have over a thousand negative comments on Honda transmissions in their comments section.  I told the guy at Honda America that and that helped back him down.


Iggy Posted: 02/07/2011

I bought my 2002 Odyssey new in September 2001.  At 105K, the transmission just died on the interstate.  Tow and all.  I approached Honda (having paid list price) and the service manager said I was out of warranty, so he could not help.  Price tag for a rebuilt was $3100.  I told him I maintained all my cars well and owned a 2000 Accord that I had bought from his dealership.  I have put 253K on a 1982 Accord, so I don't abuse cars.  He got the regional manager to approve a rebuild from Honda, and I had to pay $900.  Only problem was, the warranty was 12mos/12,000 miles.  At 148K that transmission died.  Having known about the poor design on the transmissions on the Odyssey, and the Acura MDX, I talked to my mechanic.  He said my best bet was to bite the bullet and get a rebuilt and warrantied transmission from Jasper Manufacturing in Jasper, IN.  Price tag of $4,100.  I trusted the guy, and had the install done.  I currently have 205,000 miles and the car still runs great.  Honda handled this one very poorly because they have lied to many customers - representing each problem as isolated.  I don't think they understand the power of the internet.  I am looking at something to replace my wife's Accord, and I will not limit the search to Honda.  This one is stuck in my craw.....

C Posted: 02/09/2011

Stratsol, I did exactly that and did not work.  She would not let this escalate to her supervisor.  May be I was too nice.  I think they have heard all these from many of us already.  It is encouraging to hear that after the transmission is fixed by someone other than Honda, it can run up to 200K miles or more.  I was thinking about buying a Civic, but not anymore.  I will not buy another Honda ever again!!!  I learned my lesson.

Iggy Posted: 02/09/2011

C - I did not mention that the warranty on my Jasper transmission was for 100,000 miles.  I keep my cars forever, so that is why I spent the money.  Honda is just sending people out the door with replaced parts.  Jasper is using Honda transmissions, but making sure the weak design components are fixed. (that is per my mechanic).  If Honda believed in their "fixed" transmissions, I think they would have a better warranty.  My heart bleeds for the people on a budget who need a major repair like this.  That is why everyone has searched out the Odyssey.  It's a Honda.  However, Consumers Reports had the transmissions on the 99-03 listed with black dots.  It never got examined in the mainstream press, and Honda just pretended the problem was isolated.  It's not.

C Posted: 02/09/2011

Iggy, I just called Jasper.  They told me it will cost $5,110 (I think I still have to add 9.75% tax to it), That is almost $6K.  It will have 3 year or 100K warranty.  They told me that they are not using Honda transmission but it is a new Kasper transmission.  I may have to bite the bullet and pay the high price.  I also keeps my cart forever.  Thanks for sharing!

Iggy Posted: 02/09/2011

C - my transmission was replaced on 12/14/07 in Albany,NY.  The price of the transmission was 3139.00.  Installation, fluids, flushing cooler lines, etc. was approx 700.00.  Tax was almost 300.  Call it $4100.  I was told it was a rebuild - (not repaired) Honda transmission.  Jasper works with authorized repair shops.  Mine was also a NAPA shop.  I would call some local authorized shops directly.  I would hate to think that they would be thriving on this situation with heafty price increases.  You can google "Jasper transmissions" to get the companies description, location, and possible local contacts.  They do motors and transmissions for automotive and marine applications.  As I said - my transaction was one that worked well for me.

papist1 Posted: 02/12/2011

We had a Toyota Sienna(98) and the tranny went out so we did everything to buy a nice Honda Odyssey, one owner with 104k and still smelled like new. (old folks owned it).

It now has about 112k and the tranny would not engage after starting.... for a few moments, then would. I thought it might be the extremely cold weather. a week later the engine light came on and the tcs light too. We have no money to fix the issue, but we do have friends who are attorneys. I will fight this one til the end. My wife and 4 children are out of transportation due to the greed of western american big business.

Our honda accord(92) has just turned 300k and never a tranny or engine problem. This saddens me.

fk Posted: 02/13/2011

Papist try resetting your computer code. Easy way is to get a code reader which can erase codes.

Or unhook battery and let it sit for 5 minutes and usually it will erase codes.

Than try starting car and see if tranny works. I noticed that some of the tranny issues are software related.

The ecu computer shuts it down you would not think so but I'm seeing it with my own van. It's worth a try.

Also get the codes of the obdII and report back if they dont clear!!

papist1 Posted: 02/14/2011

i kept telling my mechanic that i thought it was the computer since the tranny sounded and felt so good, then just slipped everywhere. i will try that, thank you, David

stratsol Posted: 02/16/2011

Hi Everyone--thought I'd give you the conclusion of my dealings w/ Honda on my 2002 Odyssey transmission.  In the end, Honda paid slightly less than half of the replacement cost.  That's a heck of a lot better than $5,000 as they told me at first.  Normally our dealer gives you a "lifetime" warranty on the replacement trannie.  Because Honda paid a good chunk of the bill, we got a 3-year 36,000 mile warranty.  Believe me, I had to fight for every dime that they paid, and I negotiated hardball style.  I kept telling them about all the research I'd done on failed Honda Od. trannies--they hated the fact that has over a thousand comments on them.  Honda's Case Mgr tried to tell me that he alone made the decision for the company.  I told him that was bull, because everybody works for someone.  I kept telling him I'd go through their corporate structure to get what I want (I did that to Dell Computers) and he came up with extra cash because I used every ploy in the book to make them own it.

The Case Mgr refused to give me the terms in writing when we finally agreed on a price--he said it's not company policy.  That alone tells me they KNOW their transmissions are faulty.

What I CAN say is if the transmission fails again while under warranty is that I will haul them into court under our Lemon Laws (state is VA).  Oh, by the way, if you DO have Honda replace your transmission, make sure you get the warranty in writing. They conveniently forgot to add that to the ticket and I refused to take the vehicle until they wrote it up for us.

Good Luck!

j Posted: 02/17/2011

Stratsol, you sound like the right person to get a new class action lawsuit started or get the media involved.  I would love to see Honda made accountable for their faulty transmissions.  Something is wrong when new cases with the identical same problem are being reported on this site almost daily.  I hate to think how many more people are out there that have not reported their cases on this or similar sites. 

VA Odyssey Owner Posted: 02/18/2011

Having experienced transmission problems myself, I called my local Honda dealer (Brown's Honda in Arlington) where I purchased my car and asked about the cost for replacing the transmission (about $4,800).  Then I asked about the warranty.  Get this...  Honda recently changed it from 3 yrs/36,000 miles to...  1 yr/ 12,000 miles!  I was *astounded* so I asked twice more to make sure that I heard that correctly.  Have others heard the same from other Honda dealerships?

Kinda makes you wonder how much confidence Honda has in its own transmission.  I think it reveals that they believe that it's flawed too.

j Posted: 02/18/2011

I live in NJ and was also quoted $4800 to fix my tranny back in Dec.  The dealership informed me that I would be lucky if I fixed it at that time because Honda was changing the warranty from 3 yr/36,000 to 1 yr/12,ooo.  I took my car elsewhere.

papist1 Posted: 02/18/2011

Can anyone tell me if they were the second owner of a 2002 with over 107k miles and recvd help from Honda?


thank you, david :)

papist1 Posted: 02/20/2011

contact the NHTSA and make a formal complaint to get honda to take responsiility for this problem. the link is to the left of the screen on this website.

papist1 Posted: 03/08/2011

solution is here!

fkloss Posted: 03/09/2011

That is good to know that the converter might be one of the culprits.

It takes regular folks to try finding solutions to Honda Transmission problems.

I also found a mail order place that sell rebuild transmission for around $1000. I have not spoken to them.

Like everything in life might be to good to be true,but at least their are alternatives. Honda really should

have taken ownership of this issue . Even when you fight with them and you get the so call discount of the

3000-4000 price the still do not loose money on the deal. It really is sad to see this type of poor customer service!!

A&I Posted: 04/02/2011

We are original owners of a 2002 Honda Odyssey.  We have 116,000 miles on it and have serviced our van with a local dealer for the last 7 years and they have never said anything about getting the transmission serviced for maintenance.  2 days ago, our van can barely go to reverse, "D" light keeps flashing when I put the car in "P"ark and when I go to 2nd or 3rd gear it just revs and has a really hard time going to the next gear and when it does, it throws the car forward. On top of that, the TCS light also stays on.

We just took the car home from the dealer after they did the diagnostics and were advised that we would have to replace the transmission and it would cost us $$4,598.44 + TAX. 

We are very dissapointed.  Our other car is a 2000 Honda Accord and it is still going strong.  There is definitely an issue with the transmission for the 2002 Odyssey. 


Oregon Posted: 04/17/2011

I agree that 2002 Honda's have transmission problems.  We are an original owner of a 2002 and there were small signs of the transmission shifting hard.  Once we hit 120k miles, check engine light came on and transmission started slipping between 2nd and 3rd gear. P0730.  I can't believe Honda is ignoring this issue on 2002 model years. 

leeroy Posted: 07/18/2011

I also have 2002 honda odyssey.

I am very surprised that I have the exactly same problems you have.


2nd to 3rd gear problems and solenoid problems.


Honda is very dishonest. I am very disappointed and I am wondering if I have to sell it or not.


Had_By_Honda,Baby Posted: 07/19/2011

So, my fiancee was looking to buy a van, and being a fan of Honda for years, I told her that the 2002 Odyssey she found looked like a good deal. I found the information about the recall, but the owner said it had the recall fix and a tranny fluid cooler installed, so I thought, "Hey, it's all good!" right? WRONG. She's had this thing for less than a month, and everything you all are describing is going on. Hard shift between 2 & 3, and today, it started slipping.

I've had a couple Hondas in the past - a civic and an accord, and I loved them. Great cars, lasted a LONNNNNGGGG time, and really sold me on the brand. After reading all of this, I am seriously thinking that if I've EVER heard of a legit class action suit, this is it. Wish I'd have read more into the tranny before I gave my Kudos to Honda. I feel like crap, having told someone I care about that Honda is a company that makes good products and stands by them. I guess things aren't what they used to be. No more Hondas for me.


surfer jim Posted: 07/26/2011

I bought my 2002 odyssey brand new in 2003. It started to slip free of gears a few years later once in awhile. My dealer said I might have to get a new transmission, but I didn't have the money at the time because I paid cash for the van. Well it lasted ( sliping once in awhile ) till now. It only has 68,000 miles on it but I have to put a new trans in it. The dealer didn't tell me nothing about honda helping pay for it. I think it is time for Honda to own up to it's mistakes. Bring one the law suit I'm in !!!

Ouch, it hurts! Posted: 07/26/2011

So, we got a 2002 Odyssey, bought it frmo a local private owner, and sure enough, after about a week, it started slipping. Had to drive it about 100 miles to get it to the tranny shop, where we were told that the transmission is FRIED. Totally gone. Complete rebuild needed, and it'll cost us about 3,500 dollars. Not at all happy with the deal, as that's half of what we paid for it. Honda simply put, build a piece of junk, and then refuse to stand behond their product OR their customers. Not good business, and I'm sure there will be many more like me out there who buy an odyssey used only to have it go to crud on them. 

vic Posted: 08/10/2011

got the same problem on my 02 odyssey! car is completely fine then suddenly check engine and tcs ligths went on. now it sitting on my garage! no more honda for me and tell it to my friends and relatives!!!

mcgeem1 Posted: 08/22/2011

Okay, everyone is complaining but give me a solutions.  Have a 2002 Odessey EX and I purchased a extended warranty which covers the Trans.  YEA.  The TRansmission is bad so I'm going to replace it.  After reading through all the complaints this is what I gathered (if I want to keep my Honda for the engine & Van is great):

1. Don't go to the dealership but a local repair shop that you trust (I have one)

2. Don't put a Honda Transmission in there but another brand with a transmission cooler either added or included in the NON-HONDA transmission

3. Change the A/T fluid every 30000 miles after new transmission


Can anyone comment if they had any success with that approach.    I have purchased it now and witht he exception of the Trans. I really like the vehicle and I'm blessed to have an extended warranty.

Please comment

SameHere Posted: 08/22/2011

I would go with a Jasper transmission, they seem to have good success.  Haven't heard of one going out yet on this site...

I have a Honda rebuit one.  I change my fluid every 15 to 20K miles just to be safe...  It shifts hard, but is still running.

Timetofile Posted: 10/15/2011 I bought a 2001 Odyssey in June.  It has 58,000 miles on it.  A few weeks ago, the TCS and check engine light came on.  I ran the code at Advanced Auto Parts - P0740, took it to my mechanic and they said it was likely the transmission.  A few days later, it started slipping.  We paid $9000 for the van, so I would know my wife and three kids would be in a SAFE, RELIABLE vehicle.  I called Honda of North America who told me I needed to take it to a Honda dealer to get diagnosed.  I made an appointment that day (used a whole morning off) and told the service department the code as soon as I arrived.  The service tech said that P0740 is a "death code for transmissions".  He charged me half price ($54.00) to tell me what I already knew.  He quoted me $4800 for a new transmission.  Honda North America called me that same afternoon only to tell me that a case manager would not even be calling me because I'm the third owner even though the vehicle only has 58,000 miles.  It was ironic since they are the ones who insisted I go to a Honda dealership that morning to get it diagnosed when I already knew what was wrong with it.   I happen to be a lawyer here in Ohio.  The next step for me will be to send a demand letter to the corporate office in Torrance, CA.  Then, if I get no reply, the $4,800 replacement transmission cost they could have just paid will look small when their $500/hour corporate attorneys have to start responding to all of the motions I'll be filing here in Ohio.  I wonder how much a first class airline ticket for Honda's President and CEO of North American operations will be to fly here for his depositions in my case?  Sure their corporate attorneys will file a motion to quash my subpoena, but again, wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to just admit my (our) transmission(s)are junk and deal with me (us) in good faith and replace them.  Yes, my lawsuit will also be State Court so there will be no opportunity to remove the case to Federal Court in the Ninth Circuit (California).  As much as people hate lawyers and lawsuits, I'd really prefer to be a nice guy and just have Honda fix my wife's van so I could go to work and not worry about her and three kids stranded because of Honda's transmission.  I guess this "little guy" may have to be a "big pain" to get some help.  Their last class action law suit was settled out of court, before trial. Ninety million was getting off a bit easy!   To the rest of you first and last Honda owners, best of luck and God Bless.  

j.ct99 Posted: 11/01/2011

2003 Odessey EX.

Please, do a class action suit.

I start to loose my confidence in Honda although I so much wanted to buy a honda car(odessey) then and now I am owner of two Handa car (another is CR-V).

Just being drove for very few years, the brake light went on, then on/off everyday, of cause with no brake egaged.  Almost 8 years and less than 60K low mileage, Odessey statred TCS light, check engine light. yearly Inspection failed due to lights. I dont know what to do. All I heard is problems with honda cars from friends' bad experience and bad news on web site.

I dont know what to do. Thanks for your comments and advices. Posted: 01/04/2012

I think going to small claims court might be a better bet, document everything, all trans service etc. and get people in all forums to document it and send copies to eachother before you go to small claims court!

1981d.j. Posted: 05/13/2012

2001 odyssey,transmission goes bad at 62000 miles.Repair cost $2500 .Honda paid $1500.  At 98000 miles,the trans,goes bad again,another $2500.Honda paid "0".Side doors stick closed,rubber mouldings fall out around doors and windows,seats squeek.Bottom "line" the car is a lump of shit,and Honda does not give a rats ass for anyone.

LisaPie76 Posted: 05/28/2012

I am original owner of a 2002 Odyssey and my transmission just went out at 90,000 miles while I was on a roadtrip.  Since it was a long holiday weekend none of the small shops that AAA recommended would even look at it, so I had it towed to the Honda dealership in that city.  


I am driving a rental car and waiting to hear from the dealer after they call Honda parts about prices for the transmission repair/replacement.  I had no idea that this was such a huge issue with my car.  I have taken my Odyssey to the dealer for at least 75% of my maintenance and repairs and they never informed me of this possibility. Plus I have a subscription to Consumer Reports and follow what they say about recalls.


Thank you to all of you who have posted your submissions here.  I hope we will all be able to get this resolved safely.

julie Posted: 01/15/2013

I have a 2002 Odyssey, and at around 90,000 miles (2006) I received a recall letter that said Honda needed to replace the transmission.  I am the original owner and I have had all the service done at the dealership.  At the time, I was living in another state, so another dealership replaced the transmission with a 10,000 mile transmission---because that was all that was left on the 100,000 mile warranty.  I was a little worried at first, thinking the transmission would only last for 10,000 miles! It was a rebuild Honda transmission, which was replaced free of charge.  Today,(2013) my Odyssey has 209,000 miles on it and is still going strong!  I have noticed a blinking D light a time or two over the years...but everything seems fine. There are usually 7 people riding in the car most of the time, so it has really had a heavy load all these years--we even drove it to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado! The oil light has started coming on this past year.  But I just add some oil and it keeps going.  I was thinking of buying a new Odyssey, but all these comments have got me sorry so many people have had trouble.

dmassie Posted: 02/21/2013

I have 2001 Honda Odyssey with 127,000 miles.  Engine light came on and thereafter tranny started slipping in gear.  Called Honda of America and they said they would pay nothing and that they were generous in providing the extended 7 year 109,000 mile warranty and that I was beyond this warranty.  It's going to cost about $3,000 for a rebuilt tranny with a 1 yr warranty and the car is now only worth about $5,000 with a good tranny and only $1-2,000 with the bad tranny.  I filed a complaint with and you should also.  I like the idea of small claims court.  Has anyone done this successfully?

liu1 Posted: 05/29/2013

I have identical problems with both the car and the Honda America representative Ron.

The car transmission is broken. It regularly slip out of gear and it is a matter of time for this car to die on the highway. I just dont want to get into an accident at high speed. All these are similar to what was reported.

Honda America (Ron; that one name we all familiar with by now) claimed there were no reported cases of transmission issues. I knew it was a lie because there were many cases filed with the NHTSA. This person not only did poorly in customer service (because he lied when we all know about it) but also he singly handedly destroyed Honda's reputation. Well, Honda did not help itself either. I filed the case with NHTSA and will be pursuing legal actions (small claims court will work) against Honda. What I dont understand is why NHTSA wont do anything.

That was my last HOnda. If a company disrespect their customers and can not support their products, dont buy from it.

Ronnie Posted: 05/29/2013

I know what you mean!

I would have been happier if "Ron" just said, yes there are some problems with the transmission, but sorry we can't do anything because you are out of warranty.

Instead they flat out lie to you...  What an insult.

I love my 2 Toyotas!

My minivan was my 5th Honda (and last).

the truth 1001 Posted: 09/14/2013

i have a 2001 odyssey, and it has 157,000 miles.  i bought it used from a dealer and didnt know about ALL these problems this piece of junk car has.  the trasmission started acting up on day 1.  TCS lights up and check engine light.  and i asked around to fix it and the cheapest i found it was 2,800 for remanufactured, 3yrs/100k warrenty.  But i said the hell with it, i tough it out, if it breaks down i throw dat piece of junk away.  1yr later still driving with it bad, but other problems poped up, like gauges going wild and almost shuts off, electrical problem.  but im guessing its the battery terminals or a ground somewhere.  then the knock sensor is bad also.  this car is a horrible horrible piece of hit (put the S in front of dat).  never will buy a Honda as well.  all Hondas, Acura's i heard have the same problem, so beware!

Caring Son Posted: 03/16/2014

My elderly parents have a 2002 Honda Odessey which they bought brand new.  It only has 66k miles on it and has been dealer maintained from day one.  The transmission started slipping/popping out of gear now and then about 1-2 years ago.  The first time it threw a code, I looked it up, then erased it while I started researching this issue.  IIRC they have had the transmission fuild changed out once so far at the dealer, but the dealer has not been told about the popping out of gear or slipping issue (I don't want it recorded until they are ready to deal with it).  So far the error code has only returned once, but the slipping between 1st and 2nd (I think) continues now and then.  Great car other than this issue, the motor mounts and the seat belt/air bag safety system.

Today I am debating if I should replace the 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th solenoids and change the fuild and filters (if I can) out more frequently.


1) Is the solenoid different than the other electronic thingy people mention related to the gears or are they just using different words for the same thing?

2) Can the "multiple" transmission filters be accessed and changed easily?  Have a source explaining how to do it?

3) Is it easy to drain and fill the transmission or does the 2002 Honda Odessey have one of those "dealer only" drain and refill setups?

Thanks for your help.  Going to nurse this baby as long as I can for my elderly parents.  They will never need another car at their age and this one is great if the transmission can keep going.

abdul Posted: 06/02/2014

2 my 2002 Honda Odyssey transmission is leaking fluid and slipping

Cartopia Wisconsin Posted: 06/03/2014

Abdul, if your transmission is leaking fluid, that might be the cause of the slip if it cannot build up sufficient pressure. You should have it looked at immediately to prevent major damage.

The most common place where the transmissions leak is from the axle seals, which are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace, so don't put this off. If you are in the Midwest/Wisconsin area we could help, if not find a shop that works on Honda transmissions in your area and visit them without delay.

Mapleshackman Posted: 10/27/2014

2007 Honda odyssey with 210,000 kms on it. Flashing "D" and just took it in. Sent loads of info from this blog. I appreciate all this stuff. I'll fill you in when I hear more. Thanks.

Bummer! Posted: 03/13/2015

I bought a 2002 Honda Odyssey 5 months ago with 130k mile on it.  The tranny was rebuilt/replaced at 80K.  I thought I could get another 20-30k miles out of the rebuilt/replaced BAD, it's started to slip out of gear when I would go up steep hills.  So, it looks like I am only going to get about 5k miles out of it!  Obviously, at this point no 2002 Honda Odyssey is worth spending 3-5k to replace the tranny!!  Had I done my homework and checked this site I would have never bought it. So be warned, test driving a 2002 Honda Odyssey on flat roads is your first mistake, buy it at any price will be your second mistake!!

If you are a victim of the faulty Honda Odyssey Transmission, please Share Your Case so that people can read your story and add comments.
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