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kilgorek - Honda Odyssey 2012 Posted: 02/24/2012

I have a 2012 Odyssey.  I has less than 10K miles on it and I have noticed the vibration and runbling noise that many others on here have described.  It appears when going from normal to ECO consistently.  In town at speeds of 40 moh and 50 mph it is especially noticeable.  It's as if it is lugging and you can here it and feel the vibration through the steering wheel.  I have an appointmnet next Monday at the dealership where I bought it to go for a ride with me but other than the appointment they did seem real receptive to my request for information about it.  I called another dealership and they too say they have heard nothing about it but they did seem a little more concerned and actually looked to see if there were any technical service bulletins active.  I too have owned other Hondas in the past and have nothing but good things to say about them....I'll post more when I find out what the outcome of my test drive with a tech is.

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pbug56 Posted: 02/24/2012

Any chance of returning it?  If not, get the extended warranty, and then make sure you dump the junk before the extended expires. Posted: 02/24/2012

Your van is new and they  (dealership) do not think that you are aware of the problem that most of us are having . Spare yourself all the headache we are dealing with and do not leave that dealership without them correcting the problem. If you don't get it fixed... It will go down hill from this point on. Trust me and not THEM because I know what I am talking about. Good luck.

Joe Posted: 02/24/2012

Do not leave that dealership until you are totally satisfied, and that the vehicle is running as smooth and without any noise as it shifts.  At less that 10,000 mi., you should not stand for anything less, as it should be under warranty. NEVER let them (dealer) tell you that they all do that, and it will work itself out.

leandy Posted: 02/24/2012

Honda did a poor job explaining this new technology. Okay, its simple as this. Your engine has 6 cylinders that makes the engine turn. When stopped on redlight, 3 of the cylinder is turned off to minimize fuel consumption. It does the same way when cruising at interstate. This makes the "shaking" sensation because only 3 cylinger are running. All 6 will run again when you accelerate, or when you need more speed. It is not a defect like I have with older model, like 1999-2001 models, which transmission are a garbage.

Futuretoyotaowner Posted: 02/24/2012

Leandy he said 40-50 mph. Sounds like normal spead to me. Even if they all make noise, it's still bad. It's a defect. I would just get my money back or make sure the whole thing is well-documented for future ammunition against them. Ask them to give you an extended warranty for free if they are so confident about their company and the van. Amen to getting rid of the car before the warranty. 

leandy Posted: 02/24/2012

I sympathize with all of you who had verrrry BAD experience with Honda. Futuretoyotaowner, I am too maybe futuretoyotaowner also. Maybe as Nissandriver as well. Honda did not abandon us totally, but halfheartedly. I just went to testdrive all 3 models. Still, some Honda staff are still the boastful ones. Having tell them my experience, most of them are shocked but not surprised. Their silence is just deafening, treating us with ignorance. I just couldn't wait till it come in the news about this "unintended decelaration" issue. Toyota has share in the limelight. Remember "unintended accelaration" issues? This forum did give us a way to share our bad rap of Honda. So regretful, does warrant a second thought.  It is very much un-Honda experience, driving one like my mine is such a very wasteful, unnecessary expense. I just tried e-mailing them this month, not a single reply comes back. I think they are just waiting for this to get a full blown, deserving attention. We are all now suspicious of their product. So sad........

kliberty Posted: 02/25/2012

its called VCM. the pilot does it too, around 50 mph eco goes on and the cylinders deacticate, and the rpms hang out in the lowest gear possible to save the engine and your gas mileage. because its not on all cylinders, and the transmissions cruising, thats what it is. its perfectly normal, people are becomming paranoid from the 99-04 models. they put the ridgelines reliable heavy well cooled transmission in the pilot and odyssey back in 2009. they then fixed the torque converter in the odyssey in 2010 to prevent shudder on acceleration.  your car is FINE. the only new odysseys with small software glitches and transmission programming glitches that need to be worked out is the touring elite. your car is FINE. i cant stress that enough

nomorehondas Posted: 02/27/2012

"Flashing D Light" I have a 2003 Odyssey with Transmissions issues mileage 139,000 when it started.  The local dealership replaced the 4th pressure switch for 272.00 and the which is a tell tale you transmission is failing.  I have also had 2 accords 1986 lxi (mileage 293,000), and the one i use now as a back up  (LX mileage 292,000 ) and American Honda said, there position stands on helping me with the transmission.  I am out of warranty and the class action suit was started from the previous owner, even though I bought a "CERTIFIED HONDA".  The dealership said, call American Honda and American Honda said, your on your own.  I will never buy another Honda and if you can get rid of the one you have as soon as you can.

leandy Posted: 02/27/2012

Regarding nomorehonda's comments, your (accord)vehicles have served you well, past their primes. Ther were on a borrowed time. Your ODD-eazy does clip you at the bud. Listen, had it been Ford, Nissan, Toyota or others, do you think it makes a difference? 139K miles surely beats my odd. It was then I had my 4th transmission for my ODD-eazy. Your odd of winning is remote to any car brand. Just count your blessing and get over it. Buy Hyundai, I heard they can give 10 yrs/100000 miles warranty, not 139K though. Thats the highest for a branded vehicle to give a warranty.

kilgorek Posted: 02/27/2012

Took my van back to dealership today....Technician took me for a ride in it and explained that the vibration I was feeling was in ECO and from not all cylinders firing...not transmission.  But, while I was there a sales person asked if I had experinced any hesitation in throttle respose.  Actually I have.  He said it was a semi common complaint and they had a fix for it.  They had to "re-learn/teach" computer and there were also some fixes available for fuel injection.  Took about 20 minutes but hesitation is gone AND, a noticeable difference in vibration in ECO mode....only drove it home from dealership so I will monitor and report back when I have more dada points to fall back on.  Thanks for all the comments.

leandy Posted: 02/27/2012

Hopefully that any illegitimate complaint gets out of this forum. When Toyota has its limelight of "unintended acceleration", congress made an investigation. To what extent did they find and solve the problem is out of the question. Instead, they listen to the emotional toll accidents happen to an untimely demise of a loveone. Not even one ask what was causing the problem??? 2-3transmissions within 100K mile range is absolutely legit. but at or near 140K?, I believe its just part of wear and tear. Why has not this caught up attention? I think it is clouded by emotion. Lets get real, can we???

nomorehondas Posted: 03/03/2012

leandy, thanks for your harsh reality.  The truth of the matter is I expected more from Honda.  I went out of my way to make sure I bought a Honda and I'm sure you can imagine it wasen't used to be a quality vehicle, maybe they cared more back then. 

leandy Posted: 03/03/2012

Guess what, your wishes have come true. Have anybody here seen the consumer's report? As a whole brand, Honda quality has dropped from 1st to 4th and the Odyssey is not recommended. Only Toyota for that matter is "average", highest rated among minivans. Any model of a minivan is not recommended.  And this is the 4 cylinder Sienna, want to try it? I am just hoping that at this moment, Honda is also reading this line. I don't know if it will come a day, that this issue about transmission will soon open up. The quality of Honda took a nose dive since they stop doing their innovativeness. They used to make the most fuel efficient vehicle. When they created their first (Accord) hybrid, their electric motor was mated into a V6 engine. So much for a "green" minded approach. They are now starting to realize this, thus they are making the Odyssey, the most fuel efficient among minivan. Qualitywise, its a __________! Just make your own judgement. I did have a regretable decision of having one, maybe a second look is worth a try. I recently test drove the top 3 of this segment. Sienna, Quest and Odyssey. Verdict is still not final. Emotion aside, lets see what happen. Will you accept a discount if offered? Call American Honda guys.

kliberty Posted: 03/05/2012

im gonna fill that _________ with "excellent car". toyota has more quality conntrol problems than honda. they need to redesign the odyssseys mechanics to be more like the pilot. other than that, its a pretty good car. every minivan is suffering relibality right now.

pbug56 Posted: 03/05/2012

Time to buy a Subaru!  While their transmissions don't have enough speeds (hence not so great fuel economy on most models), at least (so far) they work!  And Subaru seems intent on maximizing reliability. 

kkilgore Posted: 05/30/2012

Our van now has 17K on it....still feels the same but I think I have changed my opinion on this issue.  I believe all the rumbling and vibration I am feeling is from when the van is in ECO (economy)  this is shutting cylinders off for better fuel milegage.  I just wish it was so noticeable....I think it is working by design but they really need to do something to eliminate this feeling.

leandy Posted: 05/30/2012

I just bought me another Odyssey, after so much soul searching, I decided this one over toyota. I still have the transmission problem 2001 model and comparing the 2, the ride quality or softness is still better with the older model (2001). The 2012 model we just bought is the 6 speed transmission and as mentioned above, the ECO mode and some minor bumps on the road does feel more pronounced on this new model. Here we go again, being a guinea pig for this model. This new tranny (6 speed) is sourced from Japan according to Honda. Hope its true, will post if any concern/warning.

pbug56 Posted: 05/30/2012

Making the assumption that Honda is still mucking things up on the new ones (too many stories already on 2012 Ody's), I suggest adding a trannie cooler and a magnefine filter.  Don't get Honda's cooler, get one that actually cools!

leandy Posted: 05/30/2012

To Pbug56, I am aware that the main problem with Ody are the earlier 4 speed then 5 speed tranny. The transmission oil just does not circulate enough inside the Torque Converter, causing it to overheat, then fail prematurely. If this is rebuilt the same way again, it is bound to fail. Believe me, I am talking here as an experienced Ody owner. 4 tranny failed, need 5th rebuilding again. I am now aware of the problem thanks to this post...I hope Mr. Larry (one of the transmission specialists) will see this so he can explain more. Somehow, a part was fixed by a company called Sonnax, that will allow tranny oil to circulate. Funny thing is, some tranny rebuilders are making holes close to where this valve is located, just to make circulation occur. In other word, there was or there is a design flaw in these 4/5 speed trannies and somehow, Honda is not listening. This 6 speed tranny in Touring Model is different. I do have Magnefine filter but Honda will not allow to install this unless the warranty gets voided. I also have a 1997 Accord and its already 189K, still running well. This convinced me to get the Ody after close inspection and test driven Nissan, Toyota and Honda minivans.

pbug56 Posted: 05/30/2012

Adding an inline filter (using the micro cooler's line in front of the radiator) would invalidate the warranty?  Do you have verification of that?  Honda does sell a near useless cooler; I've never heard that a good 3rd party one like a Haydn (I have the 678) should be a warranty issue, and the 2 are installed inline.  It's not like you are modifying the trannie.

leandy Posted: 05/30/2012

To Pbug56 again, Honda dealer I spoke with said to me, applying a filter will be considered modifying the tranny, invalidating the warrantee.  This came from service dept of Courtesy Honda, Sanford, Florida (I do not know the number but you can GOOGLE it...

Joe Posted: 05/31/2012

When they say the hesitation, or whatever it is that doesn't feel right to you is o.K., ask them if all of the Odysseys of  that year perform that way.  When they say yes, tell them you want to test drive a few of them (exact model) to see if it's true etc.. If you you do that, and they don't feel what you're feeling in your 10,000 mi. Honda, don't let them say, " it will work itself out", IT NEVER DOES.  That's what they told me when I test drove a 1988 Honda Accord LXI and noticed a rattle. I bought it anyway thinking that they should be easily able to fix it.  They could never find what caused it, and after many trips to different Honda dealers, they waited me out, and the rattle (which all the many technicians felt) was never corrected. It never became a safety issue, (and unlike the Odyssey transmission issues this Honda ran great). I just recently gave it away rattle and all, to a needy college student, and he tells me that the rattle seems to go well with the rap music he listens to.

leandy Posted: 05/31/2012

To Joe, your comment is outstanding... "shake rattle and roll".. I do not know when you rattling Honda started, but this is what I did.. The EGR valve cost $200+, so I remove it myself and found out it is already plugged with dark soot/carbon. I was able to clean it with carb cleaner, then install it back.This fix the rattling issue...


ray Posted: 08/23/2014

I have 2012 honda odyssey and I got the same problems with vibation and romlbling noises through out the steering

Soon as I hit 20 ,25,30,40,45 mph , i got that vibration noises but soon as I go  up to 55-65, it got more worst


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