2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L Jerking on Low Gear

2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L Jerking on Low Gear – I bought a new 2015 EX-L on April 26, 2015, drove it for 11K miles now. Last night when I was driving it with my wife to do some shopping, the van started jerking or jumping from stop to 10-20 mph, sounded like missing a gear teeth from gear 1 to gear 2. After that jump the drive seemed to be fine. This issue has repeated more than 10 times (100%) before we stopped at a store parking lot and called the road side assistance for help. After one hour when the toll truck came, the toll truck driver tried and there was no issue! He tolled the van to the dealer where we bought the car anyhow just to be on the safe side. I tried again in the dealer lot and there were no more issues! I left the van at the night dropbox and called the dealer this morning. I was told that the van is being tested and I will be called for any problem they may find. I step on this site while waiting for their responses. Fingers crossed…
– Yezi

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  1. Emman says:

    it wasn’t going to happen, esplicaely when my car broke down and I had to barrow my brother’s truck that gets about half the gas mileage that I get in my car. Since they did this for their 15th birthday, and now 20th, maybe now is a good time for me to start planning just in case they do it again on their 25th birthday. By then I should be completely done with school (Dare to dream!!!), and at a job where it won’t be a huge deal if I need a few days off.

  2. Chris Holstrom says:

    He are having the same problem. 11k miles

  3. Lynn says:

    Interested in what happened. My 2015 Odyssey did the same thing this evening, feeling like I had been rear-ended hard!! Cut it off to go in the store, came out and started it and there have been no issues. I see a trade in my future as I am not going through this!

  4. Catherine Webb says:

    We had the same problem in October 2015 with our odyssey. We had about 4000 miles on ours. Stop and go traffic and the hard clunking and jerking started. We pulled over and turned off the engine ( if possible don’t turn off engine) when you turn it off your resetting the computer and it won’t happen again. The next day we took it to our local Honda dealer and they said our car was fine, the Vin # was not included in the transmission issues. Then we took it to the Honda dealership that we bought it from and with reports of the transmission issues they put on the computer and they said nothing is wrong. My husband insisted that they call corporate office and he made the head of the dealership do it in front of him. They told them what we said was wrong and right away they said do a computer update even though it says not to and to change out the transmission fluid to make sure that there’s no metal in it. Ever since they did the update we have had no problems. So if it happens try to do to your closest Honda dealer and do not turn off the engine, or get corporate involved and get them to do the software update

  5. Bin Huang says:

    2015 Honda Odyssey EX Jerking on Low Gear – I bought a new 2015 EX in November, 2014, drove it for 18K miles now. Yesterday when I was driving it with my kids, the van started jerking or jumping from stop to 15-20 mph, sounded like the vehicle run on a big stone and made a big “bang” sound. It repeated the same scary jerk at least four times at each stop light. We were scared. I got the van to the original dealership for a through inspection. A technician just called back and said that he could not replicate the issue so there is nothing he can do. I am not happy with the answer but have to keep fingers crossed.

  6. Catherine Webb says:

    Update from February 2016 my odyssey is back at the dealership. This morning a hard clunk and jerk from 1st to 2nd gear started up , I went straight to Honda ( I did not turn off the engine) a tech got into the car and experienced the same issue , he was shocked when it happened. We went back to the garage and said my transmission fluid was black , like it was burnt . Right now the van transmission is being flushed and he’s doing everything that Honda tech will say to do. He thinks I need a new transmission. He won’t be able to call Honda tech till Monday to find out. So a software update sounds like a bandage till something else happens. I will update as soon as I find out any news.

  7. d says:

    Must be a common problem with Honda’s.. Google it.. We own 2007 with very low miles and have same problem.. Honda tells me “nothing abnormal”… It now does it constantly.

  8. Ozzie says:

    Same problem here, 2015 Odyssey EX-L with 15K miles on it!

  9. Gops says:

    Hi all,

    Yesterday, I too became a victim of transmission problem.

    My Vehicle : 2015 EX-L (NO RES, NO NAV)
    The incident goes like this. Yesterday after running the vehicle for around 50-60 miles continuously(on freeway), we had to pull to a shopping center. When attempting to do a stop and go, the engine/transmission started to make a bank sound like its trying to crush some stone or metal. The vehicle also started to jerk at that time. But after 3-5 seconds it was completely gone. Stopped the vehicle at the parking lot and later drove home and didn’t hear or experience that issue again. Today, I drove the vehicle to office and didn’t show any sign on issue.

    Even if I take this to the dealer and say about this issue, as long as they can’t replicate it, they will ignore it saying it didn’t happen on their test drive. After reading through certain forum’s, some people refer to a software update that has solved their issue.

    Can I ask the dealer to perform this in what ever case?
    What is the best way to describe and have them check this before it happens again?

  10. Sam says:

    My 2014 Honda Odyssey EX intermittently does the same thing starting at around 2,000 miles and continues to do so. In addition, while the car is parked, intermittently it shift hard with a loud clunk from “P” to “R”; sometime “R” to “P”.

  11. Tim says:

    I have the same problem with my Honda 2015 Odyssey @ 24k miles.

  12. Sandip Patel says:

    Same exactly problem ! Mine started around 6k miles just before the first oil change. It started shaking when doing hard acceleration or start/stop traffic. When I explained the symptoms to dealer, he told me it may be unbalanced tires (even though he checked transmission without me ever asking him to look at it). Now the transmission fluid has been changed and it has smell of burning oil. Vehicle has now 12k miles and the transmission will fail anytime.

  13. joel andales says:

    my odyssey 2015 se 40 kl same problem gear transmission

  14. William S says:

    Mine is having the exact same issue, started probably 6 months back, seems to jerk sometimes. Tonight it was really bad, jerking consistently between 1st and 2nd gear going from 0-20 mph. Going to take it into the dealership while it’s under warranty and see if they can replace the transmission…

  15. Liz Goodrich says:

    This is good information this is happening to my minivan just as Bin Huang has cited—my van has 41k miles and couldn’t be replicated. I am driving it to a
    dealership directly next time it happens. Thanks for posting.

  16. Pete says:

    This is so helpful. Thank you for all the postings. I having the same transmission issue. Slowing down because the red light is infront of us but when it turned green we gently accelerate and then the car jerk.

  17. Pete says:

    They flushed the transmission fluid and updated some firmware, but it didn’t resolve. Brought it in last Friday and drove it off the dealership lot and it happened as I was pulling out of the parking close to closing hour.

  18. Charles says:

    2015 Honda Odyssey EX Jerking on Low Gear—The transmission fluid was replaced early March 2017 by Honda dealer, but the jerking problem still exists. I was told by Honda dealer that a software is under development and it will be a recall in the future to update the software. Would the software update solve the jerking issue? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

  19. HJO says:

    I have same problem. 2015 EX Honda odyssey. ~15mile/hour speed makes clunking. After stop and restart the engine, it disappeared. So, report Honda dealer and update the software 2016 spring. Now, 2017 spring, it happens again. I do not know what to do.

  20. Alex says:

    2016 Honda odyssey. Around 12k and today it’s doing exactly just that! After reading all this, this is clearly a Honda problem and since now you all said this, I already know all the damn troubles I’ll be going through…

  21. kevin says:

    Yes my brand new 2015 Honda odyssey start jerking after 3 month I have purchased. I have brought to the deal several times. They have tested drove once but it was ok. And after I drove few days the same problem come out. Deal just said the computer doesn’t show any problems. So just do the transmission fluid out test.. And this never covered by warranty. $530 for do so.

  22. Jason Baldridge says:

    Me and my wife bought our EX-L around the end of 2015, it is a 2015 model, and we have had a few of these related issues mentioned in this thread, which is why I searched out the matter and stumbled across this thread. So about 2 weeks ago my wife was pulling out on to the highway, from our house, and when the van shifted from 1st to 2nd the van then shook violently and four lights came on on the dash, plus the FCW (forward collision warning) light came on and was flashing, and so I brought the van to my work where I work on Car audio and plugged in my Code reader and it said that ‘CAM SHIFT SENSOR B’ was having some kind of issue, well when I brought it in, the lights had already reset because if you turn off the van and turn turn it back on, the lights will disappear, but the code is still stored….So they couldn’t find anything wrong….They called honda engineering, and they said it was a possible fluke, and then they did a reset by erasing the code and sent me on my way…..Today it all happened again to my wife….SAME SCENARIO!, and I told her to bring it to my work and to not turn off the vehicle, and so she did, and I swapped vehicles with her, and on my way to the Honda dealership it happened to me twice, which is only about 3 miles away…I called a little while ago and my friend that works aver there said that they are going to order that sensor and we will try it again; he also informed me that if it ever happened again, that even if it happens past my warranty, that they will replace the tranny if necessary. This is very frustrating because me and my four little children are going on a long, long driving vacation in 10 days, and I hope and pray it doesn’t happen again. I already informed them that if it gives out on my vacation, that they will tow the vehicle back to Jacksonville NC and they will provide us with a rental until our vacation is over! I didn’t get rude, but I know sometimes to get anywhere you have to be firm with salesman and dealerships.

    • Michele says:

      what happened to your car? was this resolved? I am having the same problem with my 2015 Odyssey. The car would not accelerate while pulling onto the highway. It was bucking and would not go fast enough. It was very dangerous.

      The van will be serviced this week. But I’d love to hear what happened with yours in order to have the information.

  23. Andrew says:

    It happen to me on 2015 odyssey 3800 miles. So far they can not replicate the problem, therefore it never happen. Wondering how to fix it and how to force honda to ussue a recall. It is so dangerous and suprise no one has file anything to government for recall. Does it take couple accidents onfreeway with couple deaths for honda to really look into this problem?

  24. Deborah says:

    My car is in the shop (again) now with this same issue. On a cold start four days ago, when I would hit the gas, the car would buck and make a loud clonking sound. Same thing every time I hit the gas from stopped. Took it in and they updated the software and the car was fine until this morning – same thing with the lurch and clonking. Felt like a transmission slip. Had to take kids to school and it stopped after stop and restart. Took it to dealer where they aren’t able to replicate issue. 2015 Honda Odyssey, about 35K miles on it. Would appreciate any insight! Thanks

  25. Kevin says:

    I have the same problem. 2015 EX Honda Odyssey. The first time we noticed this issue when we went on a vacation for two weeks. When we got back my sister-in-law came to airport pick us up on the way back from the airport the engine start jerking and grinding noise. Took it to the nearby dealer left for a day for them to diagnose the issue. got the call the next day from a dealer and they couldn’t find any issue. Since then It has happened to us twice each time has dropped it off to the dealer they could not replicate the issue. The vehicle has only 22,000 miles. Mostly wife uses odyssey to drop off kids at school. There is definitely something is going on with the transmission. What is Honda doing about this? I would really appreciate any feedback. Did anyone resolve this issue?

  26. Jonathan Buehler says:

    I have a 2015 EX-L 30k miles. We were on our way home from vacation about 400 miles from home and our transmission started jerking. Thought someone rear ended us but then discovered it was the transmission. Stopped the vehicle and turned It off but didn’t fix it. I had it towed to dealer after hours and luckily had family about an hour from us. Called dealer next morning and they said problem couldn’t be recreated and there were no codes stored in computer. They also said Honda didn’t have any software updates/bulletins availabe for issue. So frustrated with Honda. This problem left my family (4 Kids and wife) stranded overnight. Dealer said they’ve never heard off this problem which after reading all these comments makes me doubt their word. I’m calling corporate this week to see what can be done. I will never buy a Honda product again if something isn’t done to remedy the issue!

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