brand new 2016 Odyssey

We have a brand new 2016 Odyssey. After only 7000 miles we were driving down the road and came to a stop ,when we stayed going and it shifted from 1st to 2nd we had a huge clunk. Almost like someone hit us from behind. It continued to do this every time we went from 10 to 20 miles an hour. The check engine light came on and we came home. Took it into Honda. Was not happy with the service at all. They called and told me that rodents had chewed my wires and that was why it was acting like that. I totally think they lied to me. There was they said they found evidence of droppings inside my engine. I inspected my whole garage and even had a pest control come out. No sign of rodents. Of course wasn’t covered by warranty and paid $400 to replace the wiring harness I believe. Fast forward six weeks till today and I’m driving and the same clunking happens when I’m stopped and then I hit 20 miles an hour. Huge clunk in the shifting. I am so mad. Turn the car off and went into my appointment. Came back out to hours later and turn the car on. When I started driving it stopped doing it. It was like the computer had reset when it sat for a while. I feel totally unsafe driving my three kids around in this car. Honda doesn’t want to help. We all need to complain about the safety of these vehicles. We should not be having to worry about this when you’re paying $30-$40,000. Any advice ?

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  1. Alvin Gomez says:

    If the vehicle is New they have what is called the lemon law. I would check into it and see if your situation qualifies.

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