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We have a brand new 2016 Odyssey. After only 7000 miles we were driving down the road and came to a stop ,when we stayed going and it shifted from 1st to 2nd we had a huge clunk. Almost like someone hit us from behind. It continued to do this every time we went from 10 to 20 miles an hour. The check engine light came on and we came home. Took it into Honda. Was not happy with the service at all. They called and told me that rodents had chewed my wires and that was why it was acting like that. I totally think they lied to me. There was they said they found evidence of droppings inside my engine. I inspected my whole garage and even had a pest control come out. No sign of rodents. Of course wasn’t covered by warranty and paid $400 to replace the wiring harness I believe. Fast forward six weeks till today and I’m driving and the same clunking happens when I’m stopped and then I hit 20 miles an hour. Huge clunk in the shifting. I am so mad. Turn the car off and went into my appointment. Came back out to hours later and turn the car on. When I started driving it stopped doing it. It was like the computer had reset when it sat for a while. I feel totally unsafe driving my three kids around in this car. Honda doesn’t want to help. We all need to complain about the safety of these vehicles. We should not be having to worry about this when you’re paying $30-$40,000. Any advice ?

– Lee

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  1. jrbri says:

    have toyota sienna with 155K miles was thinking of getting honda odyssey but after discovering history of transmission problems even on newest models, highly unlikely i’ll take the chance but very disappointed since i like hondas body style better than the new toyotas.

    several forums suggest many hondas in previous years (transmission recall for 1999-2002 years after class action suit) and apparently recent years have same transmission problem you describe; clunking and banging in gears moving from 0-20. read a few cases where customers received satisfaction and take away is 1) if possible go to original dealer where you purchased from to resolve issue, 2) when happening dont turn engine off go to dealer directly so tech can drive while occuring, from reading other comments, turning off engine then restarting causes problem to cease temporarily until “next time”, 3) if no satisfaction contact honda corp directly to make complaint; one customer noted he insisted tech/dealer call honda corp tech while he was in dealership and corp had dealership run computer software update on vehile plus flush all transmission fluid in case any metals were in fluid and these two actions resolved the problem; 4) in some instances with original owners transmission was replaced but owners still experienced issue down the road again after very few miles; seems may really be some kind of software issue if new or refurbished transmissions without update still having same problems; 5) based on mileage corp have offered to cover certain percentage of cost to replace.

  2. Jen Rodriguez says:

    Having the same exact problem, only the abrupt clunking started happening when I had about 1,000 miles on brand new 2016 Honda Odyssey. It does happen when driving 0-20 MPH. First time, I managed to get home. Next day car drove as normal. Now at approx. 2, 300 I had another episode with clunking and plan to go to dealership tomorrow.

  3. CK says:

    Change the transmission fluid. 4Qt or the whole 12 Qt (change it 3 times).

    My 2015 LX started clunking within 6 months of ownership, and by 25K miles it was accelerating so awful (and clunky so consistent) I was ready to trade it in for a Sienna (I still drive a 1995 Previa All Trac with 250K miles). Read enough forums and only remedy (since Honda won’t recall) was changing transmission fluids.

    Oh boy did it fix the problem. By replacing just 4Qt (not the whole 12) my van felt new again. No more clunks, no hiccups, no hesitations. It was easy enough to do, so I plan to do it every time I change oil. But Honda DW-1 fluids not cheap.

    A side note. I also have 2 2015 CRV in family and decided to change their CVT fluids too after seeing how bad Odyssey transmission fluids prematurely broke down. It’s even worse. The CVT fluids from first CRV with 30K miles stunk and was ink black. Second CRV with 25K miles stunk less and less black, but definitely worsening. And these CRV’s are mostly highway/suburb miles, not NYC taxi miles. And I also changed CVT fluids in my 07 Prius with 150K miles (for the first time) and it’s neither black or stinky.

    So change your Honda transmission fluids often, and, don’t go with Honda recommended service but what your impressions tell you.

  4. Wei says:

    My Odyssey 2014 started to have by clunk when it’s shiffted from 20km to 30km. Then I took it to the dealer, no sign of clunk. They changed transmission fluid, it was quite for a week. This morning, the clunk came back again from 20 tom30km. It happens at all stop. Then i stopped and shut down. Restarted, no clunk for the whole trip.
    It’s only 80kkm.

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